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Frequently asked questions

Do you accept modeling submissions?

All submissions must be made through the email contacts listed within the magazine. Please only email the contacts listed in the magazine. Do not email through contact form above as your email will not be seen by the people who select our pin-up models.

When will my order arrive?

Generally allow one to two weeks, unless you are overseas (we are based in Australia) in which case please allow up to three to four weeks for delivery.

Can you please look into my order?

We would be more than happy to do so, please email with your full name, date of order and a copy of the purchase receipt to make things easier for everyone.

How do I get my album/book reviewed in Deadbeat?

Please send articles to be reviewed to the following address, we cannot guarantee we will review all submissions and any items sent to Deadbeat will not be returned.

Po Box 1313
Potts Point
NSW 1335

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